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Collection of writing pieces I feel most proud of. Both English and Vietnamese.

Most famous Vietnamese poets

From ‘ca dao’ (a traditional type of literature) to ‘Truyen Kieu’ and the rise of ‘Tho Moi’ movement in the 20th century, Vietnamese poem has continued time after time. Not only did poems become an inseparable part of Vietnamese people’s daily life but they also reflected the ups and downs in Vietnamese history. From the dawn of writing language in the 10th century, Vietnam had proudly recognized excellent names of poetry history. Here are the four poets who had placed tremendous influence on Vi

Most famous indie singers in Vietnam whose songs will make your day

Apart from mainstream artists who are big names and have great influence, Vietnamese music industry is now observing an exponential growth of indie singers, most of whom arise from YouTube, Soundcloud and some other social media platforms. While mainstreams artists wear fancy clothes, hire professional crews to build successful public relations plan and have clear direction in their music career, indie artists spontaneously create some pieces of music that fit their emotions and share them with

Local coffee chains that are loved by young Vietnamese

Since the early 20th century, coffee has been one of the biggest income sources in Vietnam. After the economic reforms, Vietnamese coffee rose to high class, turning Vietnam into a coffee giant in the market. Coffee is now an inseparable part of Vietnamese daily life and culture. While big players such as Trung Nguyên, Vinacafe and Nescafe are favored by adults consumers, young Vietnamese people have their own distinct taste. What they need is not only coffee but also a space where they feel sa

How I know I am Vietnamese

To me, Vietnam is not just my homeland. It is a part of my youth, my identity and my culture. If I ever leave this place, there will be a lot of things that I miss from it. No matter what I do or where I go, there are moments that make me know that I am Vietnamese at heart and soul. As long as my heart is moved by Vietnamese people who brings victory to the nation, as long as I cannot resist the excitement of the people when the national football team wins a match, I know I am Vietnamese. Vietn

What Tet means to Vietnamese people

Tet (or Lunar New Year) is celebrated among some Asian countries, and it is particularly special to Vietnamese people because Tet is more than just a holiday break. The values that people share during Tet create tight bonds that keep them home, no matter where they physically live. If I have only one word to say about Tet, it would be “warm”. Leave aside all daily worries and stress, Tet is the time for family, reunion, bonds and warmth. It is when people indulge themselves more than ever – put